In the fall semester, Dr. Michael Schuett teaches his RPTS 609 graduate course, Social, Economic and Cultural Issues in Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources. The following description provides a brief overview:

Purpose of the course
We will examine social/cultural phenomenon and trends that impact outdoor recreation activities, participants, research, planning, and management. This class will investigate the current literature in the field as well as the stakeholders, scientists, and agencies that use, manage and conduct research about participants and natural resources. We will integrate and synthesize the literature as it contributes to a contemporary, interdisciplinary understanding of outdoor recreation and natural resource management.

1. Explore relationships between society, outdoor recreation, and natural resource management.

2. Become familiar with applied/theoretical research about outdoor recreation behavior from a social science perspective.

3. Debate the use of natural resources from various perspectives: recreation, tourism, forestry, wildlife, conservation, etc.

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4. Investigate the challenges in understanding and researching social science in outdoor recreation and natural resource management.

5. Discuss strategies, applications, and future research trends in outdoor recreation and natural resource management.

6. Compare and contrast the social science research programs of public land managing agencies.

7. Meet with professionals in the field to discuss current research issues and management strategies.

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